About Us

Our mission is:

(1) To conduct translational and clinical research on the immunological pathways that lead to obstetrical disorders, with the goals of improving the understanding of the mechanisms of disease and of developing methods for the early diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of pregnancy complications, with an emphasis on preterm birth.

(2) To train post-graduate and graduate-level professionals in maternal-fetal immunobiology. We welcome MDs and PhDs to be a part of our multidisciplinary group.

Gomez-Lopez Lab 2022

L to R: Derek Miller, MSc; Kenichiro Motomura, MD, PhD; Marcelo Farias-Jofre, MD, PhD; Marcia Arenas-Hernandez, PhD

L to R: Jose Galaz, MD, Nardhy Gomez-Lopez, PhD; Valeria Garcia Flores, PhD; Yi Xu, PhD